Cases in sport marketing: instructor's perceptions of case location and instructional use



In business schools, case studies are considered to be valuable teaching tools because of the opportunity they present for mimicking real life practical problems and situations. Sport marketing cases are a practical set of facts out of which arise problems or problems for determination by the sport marketing practitioner. Among the most popular sport marketing cases are those from Case Studies in Sport Marketing (2nd Ed), Harvard Business School Publications, the Darden School at the University of Virginia, and the European Case Clearing House at Babson College (Dowd, Jr. 1992). Another excellent source is the Case Research Journal published by the North American Case Research Association. The purpose of this study is the examination of sport marketing educators’ selection of case sources (web sites, books, journals) and teaching skills employed in teaching sport marketing courses. Read more

Veltri, F. R., Iyers, V., Miller, J. J., & Moody, R. (2010). CASES IN SPORT MARKETING: INSTRUCTOR’S PERCEPTIONS OF CASE LOCATION AND INSTRUCTIONAL USE. Journal for Advancement of Marketing Education–Volume, 16, 52.

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